WOOD2016 architecture of necessity VirserumKonsthall, SSP Architekten Bochum

Selected! The Virserum Art Museum (Småland, Sweden) will display the Research Center for Biodiversity and Climate BiK-F at the international Architecture exhibition, “ ArchNec- Architecture of necessity”

The Virserum Art Museum in Småland focuses this year´s triennial exhibition, “Architecture of Necessity” on the field of Craft, Building art and sustainability.  Around 143 architectural firms from 28 countries have beforehand submitted their best projects for the exhibition. The exhibition showcases the most important projects selected by an international jury.

The Arts Museum considered as an Ecological Museum and intends to be an integral part of the country´s life and the social, democratic and economic development of the region. The main industrial sectors in Småland are Forestry and Wood processing and so is Virserum. Since the forest and the wood plays an important role in a sustainable society, every three year, the Art Museum Virserum concentrates in sharing ideas on how we can live sustainably. This is not only ecologically but also economically and socially. Everything is connected!

The exhibition “Architecture of Necessity” can be viewed between 15th May, 2016 and 4th December, 2016 in Virserum. Further information about the programme of the exhibition can be found under the following Link.