Forward-looking – Integrated Design


The complexity of modern construction is constantly growing. Increasing demands in terms of energy efficiency, usage quality and a building’s life cycle require high levels of coordination among all the specialist professionals involved.


Ordinary, iterative planning processes can only deal with these issues by investing considerable time and effort in coordination. The more interfaces that have to be coordinated, the more risks for the project – in terms of costs, scheduling and quality.

Minimising interfaces

Our integrated design process and interdisciplinary teamwork minimise interfaces from the outset. As their sole expert partner, our clients benefit from engineering design services from a single source.


The synchronistic and cooperative solution finding carried out by our architects, engineers, technical experts, project managers and real estate economists shortens planning times and ensures the profitable, forward-looking implementation of your project.

An overview of our services

  • Architecture

    In the complex process of building, architects coordinate everyone involved in planning and construction. Short communication channels, thoroughly experienced teams and highly integrated services ensure optimum planning progress. That leaves plenty of time and space for consultation with our clients, sound solution finding and the implementation of sophisticated designs.

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

    We give you the certainty you need to make decisions on systems by working out and explaining possible alternatives and cost-benefit analyses and making comprehensible, methodically sound recommendations. This keeps project decisions clear, understandable and transparent at all times, for you and for third parties.

  • Fire protection

    Our fire protection experts carefully analyse the possible risks and develop integrated concepts as part of our overall planning, always taking your usage requirements and local building laws into account.

  • Urban development

    Intervention in existing urban structures and the development of new areas require special levels of responsibility and ability from everyone involved in the planning and implementation. Through workshops, interviews, discussion forums, activities and information events, we identify the requirements and analyse the opportunities and risks of various future scenarios and concepts. Our experience as integrated planners enhances this multifaceted approach.

  • Project management

    As skilled managers, we coordinate and control the technical, economic and legal progress of your real estate project. Our interest is in seeing your project succeed while maintaining deadlines, budget and quality.

  • Real estate strategies

    We ask ourselves what functions the building should be able to fulfil, now and in future. The answer starts with investigating the property’s position in its urban environment and ends with decisions on technical building systems. Together with you, we consider ways to enable your project to be best able to meet the various demands that may be made on it in future.

  • Project development

    As planners, managers and moderators, we guide you through these complex processes and are partners in a range of property project development companies.

  • Property management

    Classic organisational, usage, interiors and relocation planning, status analyses, resulting costs optimisation and management, systems support, facility management, tendering and safety concepts are all part of our range of services. We focus on your prerequisites and specific cost-benefit ratios to determine the requirements of and reveal the specific potential in each situation.