Communication Building Blue Office

    New construction of the innovative communication building “Blue Office” in the Technologie-Quartier Bochum, Germany


    Entwicklungsgesellschaft Ruhr-Bochum mbh


    Lise-Meitner-Allee, Bochum


    Integrated Design

    • Architecture
    • Project development
    • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
    • Fire protection
    • Building physics
    • Facility management
    • Urban Design

    The “Blue Office” is an innovative office building on the eastern edge of the Technologie-Quartier in Bochum-Querenburg, Germany. Based on an integrated design the architects realized a highly efficient, attractive building with 2.070 square meters of effective space on a 2.330 square meter plot.

    Here the architectural studio of SSP has succesfully developed the concept of a communication building and does now work in a heterogeneous office landscape. Open work areas for interdisciplinary planning teams promote informal exchange in the processing of complex construction projects. Ten meeting rooms facilitate focused meetings or creative workshops with clients and planning partners. Single offices, group offices, communication lounges and retreating areas complement the mix of the working environment, and offer employees the opportunity to choose between concentration and communication according to their current tasks.

    The unique location with a beautiful view over the Ölbachtal provides an excellent combination of indoor and outdoor spaces through room high glazing and a spacious terrace. Both the four storey north component, and the two storey southern component of the building, reveal a beautiful view of the surrounding green landscape. A transparent element, containing the main entrance, open meeting areas and a cafeteria connects the two components.

    The Blue Office is oriented towards the future and designed for flexible use. Six independent rental units can be used individually or together. The open, modular office areas allow an individual partition by users and can react flexible to varying requirements. The southern part of the building can equally be used flexible as open office space, seminar space or exhibition space with an outstanding event location with a beautiful view of the Ölbachtal set. Service areas with circulation areas, adjoining rooms and spacious meeting rooms complement the office space.

    Maximum energy efficiency according to the Passivhaus-Standard is generated by the building through an optimal ratio of building surface to volume and a highly insulated facade. In addition, the exhaust heat from the server room is integrated.


    SSP AG